Wanted for Treason
Timithy Hayes
Guilty or Innocent. You Decide.

This January Only

The Trial of Timothy Hayes

The Trial of Timothy Hayes

A rebel, a ringleader, a victim, a villain.

Accused of treason, Timothy Hayes is being put on trial at Sovereign Hill this January. We need your help to decide whether or not he and his men are guilty. Sign up to join the jury today, but be quick as there are limited spaces for this unique experience.

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Law & Order at Sovereign Hill

Things are heating up at Sovereign Hill this January, with the authorities working hard to maintain law and order. Dive into a turbulent time in history for a fun and fascinating insight into life in the 1800s.

Law & Order

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Mass License Hunts

The troopers are on high alert and every day this January they’ll be hunting for mining licenses. Make sure you have yours.

Whose Side Are You On?

While visiting Sovereign Hill during these troubled times you’ll have to decide if you support the diggers or the troopers. Kids will be able to make a miner’s hat or trooper’s cap to show their support.

Up For Auction

Witness what a Wife Auction might have looked like, where a husband would sell his wife and all her belongings.

Criminals On Coach

Thanks to the latest telegraph technology, we’re now able to catch criminals escaping from the big cities via coach. Witness an arrest every day this January.

Redcoats Training

Learn how Redcoat soldiers loaded and fired their Enfield rifles. Do you have what it takes to join the British forces?

Little Red Robin Hood

The owners of Victoria Theatre couldn’t agree whether to perform Little Red Riding Hood or Robin Hood – so they mixed the two. See this hilarious pantomime with a twist this January.

Law & Order Adventure Trail

Uncover hidden treasures and secrets in the Gold Museum with your Law & Order Adventure Trail Guide.

The Jury Needs You

Don't miss your chance to be a part of the action these school holidays.

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